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Barbed wire: It is an offence to use barbed wire as the outside boundary of a hedge or fence when it borders a public place, road or way at a height of less than 6 ft.

Crown and anchor permits:  The Constables are required to comment on applications to the Gambling Committee.

Films and entertainment:  A 1914 law gives the Constables powers to suppress any “undesirable” activity and bring holders of Salle Publiques Licences before the Court. This includes films and live performances. If a complaint is received concerning the content of any particular film or show and the Constables, after viewing, consider it to be contrary to good morals or obscene, the matter can be reported for further action to be taken. Holders of Salle Publique Licences are not obliged to submit films to the Constables, but generally, if the contents of any film are thought to be contentious, a synopsis is normally submitted several days before the public showing.

Fireworks:  It is an offence to ignite or discharge any firework in a public place without the prior permission of the Constables of the parish in which that place is situated. It is also an offence to sell fireworks in St. Peter Port after sunset.

(On a more serious note regarding fireworks, please be aware of the effect that private firework displays have on neighbours – especially those with pets. It would be courteous if, when arranging such displays, neighbours could be notified in advance – either by a letter drop or by a notice in the Guernsey Press. This would at least give them the chance to make sure their animals are indoors wherever possible).

Pigs:  People wanting to keep pigs in certain areas of St. Peter Port require written permission from the Constables and Douzaine.

Vraic:  The gathering of vraic is permitted at all times except between 15th April and 15th July in any year.

Walls:  It is forbidden to place pieces of glass or iron spikes on the top of walls of less than 6 ft. from ground level on walls bordering a public highway.


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