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Dangerous buildings

Under a 1919 law, where there is reason to fear that a building/structure constitutes, or is likely to become a danger to persons using the roads, streets or paths in the parish, the Constables and Douzaine may compel the owner to render it safe.

We have a good few instances annually of having to notify property owners of various problems which could be a danger to the public.

The normal procedure is that, once we receive a report that there is a problem, the Constables or a member of staff will view the area in the first instance. A professional report is then obtained and, once that is received, the owner will be contacted and asked to comply with the recommendations in the report within a given time frame. This is always followed up with re-inspections to ensure that the proper safety measures have been taken.

If the matter requires immediate attention, the property owner will be notified immediately, rather than wait for a report.

In circumstances where a property owner does not comply, the Constables and Douzaine are empowered to carry out the necessary work, and any expenses incurred can result in a legal charge being placed on the property.


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